Doggy Day Care

Our doggy day care center is a home to a wonderful group of dogs that are supervised by our trained and certified team of animal lovers.


Check out the pictures from our facility of all our happy pet pals!
Friend time with other well-behaved dogs of similar size and personality is crucial to your dog’s social development. Playtime in our spacious indoor/outdoor environment with consistent supervision by our trained, canine-savvy staff, can lead to more confident interactions with other pets and people outside of the daycare environment. It is not unusual for daycare doggies to exhibit more stable, well-adjusted personalities than they had prior to regularly attending our daycare facility.
Using positive reinforcement and lots of love throughout the day we provide productive ways for your pooch to engage his or her brain cells. With agility equipment, toys, structured activities and continual canine interaction to keep your furry friend intellectually engaged, staff members are there to make sure your pet is safely enjoying the play areas and their playgroups. The scents, games, and interaction with others can really help get the juices flowing in your pet’s brain.
Dogs, especially young puppies, need a lot of exercise to thrive – often more than we can give them on a daily basis, especially when we’re busy with work and families. Exercise is vital to build up a healthy immune system and body. Happy Paws can provide your pooch with the exercise he or she needs throughout the day when your schedule does not allow you to do so. Leaving a bored, idle dog at home often leads to destructive tendencies. A chewed up sofa or spilled garbage is often the result of being cooped up for too long. You can relieve that energy and boredom by enrolling at Happy Paws, and ensure that your four-legged friend is able to release energy in a positive way throughout the day.
Your dog will be satisfied at the end of a rewarding and fun-filled day! Happy Paws offers daycare seven days a week, Monday through Sunday. Our daycare facilities feature year-round indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs of all kinds and sizes. Play groups are largely based on size, age, and personality of each of our dogs.

DOGGY Day Care

Our first priority is and always will be the happiness and health of ALL of our canine guests. For this reason, we must be proactive about ensuring each pup is fully prepared for what can sometimes be an stimulating environment. We conduct temperament tests on every dog, no exceptions; we also offer tours of our facility so you and your dog can get a glimpse at everything prior to committing!

Contact us today to set up your temperament test and/or get a tour of our facility!.

Day Care Rates

All doggy day care rates include bedding, fresh water and constant maid service with multiple outdoor individual potty breaks. Special care and attention are always included!
Bulk passes expire annually. Weekly passes expire weekly.

Half Day



Daily Rate



10 visits



20 visits



50 visits


2 visit pass



3 visit pass



4 visit pass



5 visit pass



unlimited monthly pass


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