Things To Know When Getting a Puppy

Jun 29, 2021

Puppies may be cute, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Puppies are a lot like babies and demand a large amount of energy and attention from their caretakers. This article contains important things to know for anyone getting a puppy. 

#1: You Have to Be Consistent

Your puppy is very much like a baby, so you need to treat this period the same way. Work to establish healthy habits and discipline now and you well end up raising a well-rounded dog. You have to be consistent with your discipline which may mean even asking friends or roommates to enforce these rules as well. 

You will also need to consistently be there for your puppy. You are effectively their parent now and certain things just come with the territory, including nightly and early morning walks until your pup can sleep through the night. 

#2: Getting A Puppy Is Expensive!

Another element you must be aware of before getting a puppy is that this is an expensive investment. The upfront cost for your dog may be pricey and the first year will be littered with additional costs after that. You will constantly be buying new toys, beds, and more food.

Our advice in this regard is to always future proof. Depending on how large your dog will be, just buy a larger bed size and a slightly larger crate if possible. This will save you from buying multiple cages and beds. Remember though, it can’t be large enough for them to use a far corner as a restroom. 

With this in mind, be sure you have a healthy income and a stable nest egg before investing in a puppy. Investing in a dog is always worth the price, but be sure you’re in a fiscal position to take care of your canine. 

#3: It Won’t Always Be Easy

Being the owner of a puppy is exhausting and it can test your patience at times. Remember to take space for yourself when you need it: ask a friend or relative to baby sit while you recharge and come back the best pup parent you can be. 

There may even be times you feel like regret getting your dog, but remember these feelings are temporary and normal. You shouldn’t feel guilty because every new pet owner has been there. With planning, a little bit of training, and lots of love; you will be glad to have your little fur ball there. 

#4: It WILL Be Worth It

Throughout all the ups and downs of being the owner of a puppy, remember it is always worth it and it always gets easier. Enjoy the precious moments when your dog is a puppy. As they inevitably age and mellow, you will look back on them fondly. 

No matter what the cost, investing in the love and well-being of a canine companion is one of the greatest things you can do. You know that the life-long bond you form will always be worth it in the end! Check out some of our other tips to help you on your journey!

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