How to Choose the Right Doggy Day Care for Your Dog

Jun 29, 2021

When it comes to making a choice for the sake of your fur baby, we know the decision can be tough. We all love our dogs like our own children, and trusting them into someone else’s care for a day (or longer) is difficult. There are, however, many elements dog owners should look out for when it comes to picking the best doggy day care place for their dog. 

Doggy Day Care Criteria #1:


First and foremost, you want to be sure your dog is staying in a hygienic environment. Boarding or day care facilities need to be washed down and cleaned at least once a day due to the sheer volume and variety of pups they host. Canine-based diseases are simply too common and dangerous for any risk to be allowed. 

Hygiene can mean many different things, too: how is the air quality at a facility? Do they frequently funnel in clean, fresh air or does it linger and become stale? It’s not just the facility that needs to be fresh either–pay attention to the people that work there as well. This way, you know you’re leaving your dog in trustworthy, clean hands. 

How we do it at Happy Paws: Hygiene is one of the pillars we base our entire operation on, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Our entire facility is 100% washed down every single day, no exceptions. We also recently installed a new HVAC system that exchanges 100% clean air every ten minutes. We believe in sparing no expense when it comes to assuring the quality of your dog’s stay. 

Doggy DayCare Criteria #2:


A lot of doggy day cares or boarding facilities are heavily-corporate, franchised locations that have a bit of a manufactured process for what they do. These can be viable options, but a lot of the love, passion, and unique personal touch are lost when compared to smaller, independent operations.

A dog is best left in the hands of dog lovers that don’t just love dogs… they understand dogs and treat their jobs with the seriousness and respect that caring for someone else’s pet deserves. It takes someone who not only cares about animals deeply but is committed to being patient and attentive to detail when it comes to caring for so many animals at once. 

How we do it at Happy Paws: Our owners and staff members are proud parents of multiple pups. We love dogs, but more than that, we are committed to building a team of responsible, accountable animal lovers. The level of trust necessary to leave one’s pet in other hands is a big one. That is not an action our team takes lightly and we are committed to providing excellent service for your fur babies time and time again. 

Doggy Day Care Criteria #3:

Price Consideration

Doggy day care or boarding programs can often be a bit expensive, but we’d encourage you to consider this less as a base expense and more as an investment in the long-term joy and care of your fur baby. When evaluating your options from a pricing standpoint, don’t immediately go with a certain option just because it may be a bit cheaper. The best bet is to find a facility that is of good quality yet still within your budget.

The difference between a cheaper, less facility and one of higher-quality at a higher price point can be larger than you’d think, and the extra few bucks is worth it for the peace of mind you will receive knowing your dog is at a reputable facility in well-trained hands. 

How we do it at Happy Paws: We’re proud to offer what we believe is an excellent value for high-quality services. Our pricing model reflects the large amount of money we’ve invested into our facility and, by proxy, into the care your canine’s receive. We hope that Happy Paws can be an excellent and affordable option for the entire Delhi community! 

Doggy Day Care Criteria #4:

The Little Things 

When it comes down to finally making that choice, it’s important to consider even the smallest, nuanced details. A lot of facilities show one price but then nickel and dime it up much higher after the fact. If your dog has a special toy, treat, or medicine it needs… expect to pay extra at most places. We know how hard it can be for pups to adjust to new places and people and the right space for your pup will be committed to doing everything in their power to make both you and your dog comfortable.

How we do it at Happy Paws: We pride ourselves on doing the little things–treats, toys, medicine, etc–that make your dog’s stay extra special. We don’t charge extra for any of this; we do it because we are committed to making your pup feel at home when they are with us.

We’re committed to ensuring your peace of mind and to cultivating a relationship with both you and your canine best friend. 

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